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3wix Group . South Africa
Service and Products supply

Welcom to the epic hub of creative sollutions, we sponsor ideas and create a systematic reasource support with the fundamental trade benefits of the contents service supply. Our focus in on education, agriculture, reaserch instituions, technology, transport, renewable energy, health, clothing and textile, business processes, engineering manufacturing, hospitality and social wellness. 


3wix Core Values - Customer's Pride

3wix group in the CSE , Core Values are not to be offered at an exception but this is what is expected of customer in service quiry, service request and also customers in reaserch or other external organisational needs. 


Customer Interdependency

We the buyer/ customer / Client, see and invision what it feels like to have our services and offer open price negotiations that could be comfortable and affordable to them 


Best customer service at team efficiency

Every team member should at any given point never mistreat the customer, ignore customers or attend to any activities that are not relevant to the client during interactions


Open and transparent deliveries

When ever we pledge and assure delivery in a certain date that shall be, with no excuse . Any lack of punctuality or activities that may lead to no delivery will be discussed on time


3wix Solution

Expression of your future experience, we combine all streams and networks within 3wix society to enable solutions locally and internationally.


3wix Supply

Supply chain and procurement services, access support and black economic empowerement through local supply chains and support of public service and SOE's


3wix Store 

Offering individuals, public participants and business, low cost products that can offer opportunities to resell. Only products on promo are posted

Food and Beverages Supply

We serve with food parcels and various organic food supply freshly produced locally to sell in local stores and retails . With new services such as animal feeds and Vitamin C sumplements, various agricultural projects in Limpopo are in huge support of this initiative Learn more...

CCTV installations

Serving communities with safely monitored streets, from home to industrial survillance cctv 4channel to 16 channel, remote monitored, knowing what happens your house in your absence can save you in many areas . Service offered only in South Africa and Neighbouring countries  Learn more...

 Interior design and decore

Cost effective services such as recycling and african tradition editions, give a highlight in the tourism market. But we are open to support with green and recycled art services in your homes and workspaces, service is proudly offered in partnership with Allure Eco Elegant (Pty) Ltd  Learn more...

Construction service

Any construction needs, Laboratory construction, Road works, House building, Artfficial dam construction, swimming pools, Plumbing services, Tilling, LAPA designs, Painting and more  Learn more...

Management Logistics services

Domestic and National service delivery through Plikplik Logistics, allows all 3wix customers and other entities to afford much convinient and less transport cost that arrives directly to your home Learn more...

Schools supply

Siences laboratory apparatus, chemicals, stationary, Digital lab / ICT lab, schools chairs and desks refinement, Nutrition sumplements, school gardening service, workshops,  school recycling projects  Learn more...

Raw chemical supply

Get a list of chemicals to use in production of domestic and industrial products  like soaps, food preservetives, agro processing chemicals, disinfectants, sanitisers, Coloring agents, water PH balance, mica, mecury and more chemicals Learn more...

Farming services

Tractors for hire, farming land for rental, water supply in farms, animal feeds, cage designs, petisides controls and management, eco friendly farming consultancy, farm labour management, Digital management systems, Storage construction Learn more...

Import and export services

Globalisation is the current activity that enables business growth and investment in international relations, export services and products outside South Africa and then import goods and items, machinary, engineering skills and Gadgets Learn more...

Our Store offers best prices crafted for your affordability, we aim to make 2020 a pleasent year despite the covid19 Pandemic crisis. Take note of the purchase guide provided below 

Selecting Items

Use all codes descriped per every item, to place orders via our mailbox / use our whatsApp service number +27714312663, writes codes and quantities you need. 
Orders are taken at any time, day and night. 
All oders shall be described with a simple number code given.

Process order

If orders are for schools, we will request EMIS number, principal names, school name only. 
If orders are for private companies, directors names and contact numbers, company registration number.
If orders are for individuals, mobile number and full names only.

Payments and Delivery

As your order completes you will receive a letter with order number, account details and note funds are only refunded within seven days of delivery if an inconvienence occurs, if you are an SA citizen. Your Cell numbers of which communication occured are your reference number when making payments

3wix Store

Buy at any quantity request, Get discounts as you increase quantities. get free qoutations, compare prices, be liberated, kindly enter your store - whatsApp us at 0714312663 for easy assistance


E-learning Tablet

A tablet just for you and your school mates, study well with the Huawei T10 Tablets for your school achievements and home needs. 
[Selling Code : RENGA]



Elern Meyer flask
100ml - 500ml

Use this Elern Meyer glasses for your Kitchen or Laboratory. The set comes in 4 sizes , this consumables glassware are delivered with editional options. high intensity or low intensity. plus storage container for after use
[Selling code : HMF1]


Multimeter test kit

Solve all your measurements in all electrical circuits issues , volmeter, ammeter, frequency sensor, galvano meter, test pen and more. For use in industrial , school labs and home electrical wiring/ appliances maintanance
[Selling Code :  ME45] 


Epic Drone 
25 km Radius

Easy to use, Smart LED screen and  control Settings, take it along your farm yard and with a high intense clarity. The drone comes with a full 3 year warranty. Night vision mode. Many features can be custom design for you. 
[Selling code : TPXR]


Clear Goggles

Get your goggles and protect your eyes when ever your are running your DIY project, Preparing your sanitiser or any chemical reaction. get this glasses in a box set and pay only R15, 70.     [Selling Code : C43]


Lab Mask 

Lab safety wear best also recommenderd for Covid19 essential services. Step in the future of mouth and nouse protection with the FPP1 Mask for you        [Selling code : KGS]


150ml - 500ml Beakers 

LAB Beakers glassware , available in size150, 250ml, 500ml, 1 litre. Convinient for you and best fit for your scientific services . Set arrives with best fit container to keep glasses 
[Selling Code : 2LEE]

More to explore

Our 2020 goal remains in service about 340 communities around South Africa , 1500 schools , 89 Clinics , 55 Hospitals, 60 farms, about 500 SME's . For this goal to be achieved 3wix Group is determined and commited t openning opportunities for SME's to collaborate with 3wix Group as this will be cost effective to many small businesses affected highly by Covid19 Pandemic. contact us and write to us this initiative is open for all SME's national and international. 

3wix Group was founded in 2012 and registered to operate in 2014. With goals to enhance the market and customer service needs through ICT, Digital media and Business develoment. As time pass our values remains the same. They company now owns about 08 companies within this period. We are proud to announce that the company will be selling 25% of its stake from October 2020. the company has suistained great preasure and is in great need of expansion. All interests are towards growth. May we serve you with best customer service. Yours Sincerely Mr Masindi H

CO Founder and CEO

Primary school coding

What can be more rewarding in this new era of technology than enabling children and young people to code. everything that gives enhancements of life is supported by Algorithims, schools coding class 2021  Grade 05 - Grade 07. Powered by Flootel Technologies 

Recycling arts and crafts for schools 

Let everything in your schools be recycled for the better use, schools waste papers and old books yet some remain in low reasources. We aim to collaborate with communities and schools in recycling projects, this initiative is partnered with Allure Eco Elegant.

Green office and DIY Competition

Just when you think no body cares about the well being of your office space we do. 3wix Solutions is encouraging individuals to start planting and working on making offices green, Competition will open 15th November 2020 and closes 13th January 2021.  
R50 000, 00 winners price  

3wix Home service - Everything has changed 

Be free and allow yourself an opportunity to transform yourself with services support, are you in bad health, bad financial space, retrenched / unemployed and you have been our customer/ client before let us prioritise you while you are at home in association with walk2invest, we will help you bring back your worth. This applies to friends and relatives of our clients . Get the best of your new direction in three weeks, then experience change in three months and at your best in three years.


3wix doesnt post vacancy, we beilive in social media assessemnet and recommendations. Our company will only offer communications with candidates with company official pages only. No age boundries and limitations in 3wix Group of companies

Health Recommendations

Diet , Genetics and Environment are all proportional to health well being, with many variety of health issues that are not similarly given much attention. Let 3wix Home service Recommend everything right for your health needs , 

Financial Support 
Collaborate with us

Simply visit,za and be assisted to initiate a project that will be worth R490  000, 00 in three years time . This recommendation is for all individuals interested in enterpreneurship and export services


Incase you cant access us through other mediums , email us and in not more than 30 minutes we will reply to you . 
we appreciate your engagement with us . 


244 Shayandima Industrial Park, Thohoyandou, 
Limpopo Province, South Africa 0945 .......
12 Broadwalk cresent, Midrand,
 Gauteng province, South Africa 1608 ......


WhatsApp : +2771 431 2663
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